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Show calendar in Europe (link to CFA International)







Ark Star Persians.

Bacarra & Savannah Persians and Exotics.

Belocki Persians.

Bienvenu Cats.

Brananshan's Persians and Exotics.

Candirand Persians.

Caprimoon Persians.

City Persians.

Dark Diamond Persians & Exotics.

D'Eden Lover, Divination, Kuorii, Latin Lover.

De Lindar's Persians.

D'Haicha Chatterie.

Diapason Persians.

Du Marais Persians.

Du Monet Persians.

El Shetlajas Persians .

El Zaburs Persians.

Eripadiso Persians.

Gabans Persians.

Gwendero's Persians.

Heaven Send Persians.


Kissables Persians.

Kronental Persians.

Lisa-Light Persians.

Lorien Cats Persians.

Love Face Persians

L'Unique Persians & Exotics

Magnus Dux  Cattery.

Marada's Persians.

Marquise De Gand Persians

Mockingbird Persians & exotics.


Moon Cascade Cattery.

Pasific Sunset Persians & Exotics.

Passion Feline Persians.


Prettypaw cat Persians.

Roggenstein Persians.

Single Persians.

Sortilège Persians.

Taragonas Persians & Exotics.

Toy Tricksy Persians & exotics.

Valmori's Persians.

Youth Dew Persians






All Those Kittens


CFA reg Cattery, PKD-DNA negative,

For Bi-Color, Bi-Color-Tabby, and Vans.

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